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You make cool and exciting photos with Repic very quickly and comfortably; the photos that take professionals a long time with powerful computer software, you make it in your phone in a very short time.

You can change the background of any photo. For example, you can make yourself or your friend wherever you like and make a different photo. With this app you can make very natural and serious photos as well as make fun of joke-pictures.

Detecting the subject in this app is smart and accurate, making it the best app in the world to crop a subject in a photo. If you have a better app for this, be sure to email us at

In summary, with the power, quality and simplicity of Repic experience, show off your creativity, thrill in your photos and embark on your fantasy wave.

You can post the created picture as stickers or normal on social media. Inside this app there is a step-by-step, super-simple guide to getting to know the app in just a few seconds. Feel free to email us with any problems or questions ( as we will be happy to receive your feedback and will respond immediately.

Features :

- Change image background automatically

- Ability to add shadows to the subject

- Ability to add color strokes around the subject

- Intelligent and accurate subject detection

- Ability to convert photo to sticker and send it on social network

- Easy step-by-step guide

- Ability to improve the subject's border

- Existence of magnifying glass to better identify

- Ability to save photos with high quality

- Ability to convert color photos to black and white

- Ability to post photos made on social networks

- Ability to round the subject border

- Flip capability and 90 degree photo rotations

- Ability to blur the subject

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