Easy Route Finder

Easy Route Finder

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Easy Route Finder is very helpful and useful tool for all android users specially when you are in new country and new city and you dont know about the exact place. This Easy Route Finder helps you to find route between any two places in a most easy and fast way. This Easy Route Finder provide location tracking facility world wide through this superb application. Easy Route Finder not only help to locate driving routes but also it help to locate pedestrian route. Just enter the starting and destination locations and get the desired route. This application can save your precious time
and make journey easy.

Easy Route Finder application tool can easily find nearby ATMs, Banks, Mosques, Temples, Church, Hospitals, Hotels, Police Stations, Colleges, Universities, Post offices, Railway stations, Fire Stations, Airports, Restaurants, Saloons, Parlour, Fast food etc by just clicking on the specific icon.


★ Find nearest route for your destination.
★ Find total distance and traveling for your destination
★ Find your current location with a single click.
★ Find track all location worldwide.
★ Find pedastrian route.
★ Easily find nearby places from icons like ATM, Banks, Restaurant, Mosques, Church, Hospital, Fast food etc.
★ User interface.
★ Easy to use.

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