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These days you may have heard in various circles about startups and startups that have even become a world-class small organization after some time, and even thought that you You can also bring your idea to such a position.

There is a lot of talk about business startups, entrepreneurship and startups. Because the subject of startups is a new concept and many may not be familiar with its true meaning, we have included in this program a comprehensive definition based on important resources in the field, including,, and the Entrepreneurial Book Introducing the new work by Ebrahim Yari and the advice of senior executives in this field, providing the conditions for starting a business and a consolidated business model.

We've heard more and more of this, especially among students!

They have a creative idea, they have identified a need, and now they want to take the Internet and its new communication tools and get started.

You have an idea and you want to get started, well, where do you want to start?

We hope you enjoy the content generated.

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