Mobile Ringtones 2020 Without Internet

Mobile Ringtones 2020 Without Internet

نسخه ۱.۱.۱
نصب فعال

Mobile Ringtones 2020 special application for fans of high-quality tones. Enjoy listening to new 2020 sounds for your mobile, use these ringtones as a default ringtone, an alarm, or for notifications.

Mobile Ringtones 2020 without Net ,that contains more than 100 ringtone gives you the most beautiful and best ringtones for your mobile application is a collection of the latest phone ringtones, and is a wonderful application that contains a wide range of international ringtones, there are American Ringtones, French Ringtones,Turkish ringtones,and ringtones from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt ... and high quality Western ringtones.

Features of the application:
► Select the ringtone you like as the tone.
► Select as notification alias for messages.
► Select as alarm tone.
► The ability to share any ringtone on social networks such as Whatsapp, Facebook ...

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