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Since today because the lives of urban and busy time plays an important role in the company tops Iran to protect the capital value through the application service using the best facilities and staff trained in 1396 was established and online services to the car wash steam-in-place started.
In the following, we briefly mention the advantages of steam carwash
1: The most important advantage is that you do not have to go to carwash instead of enjoying your family.

3: In this way, you do not have to pay money to the staff, unlike traditional methods, which, in addition to the cost of the carwash and standing next to the carwash, will appeal to you at the end.
4: Carwash space is not usually suitable for women
internal space:
1: The possibility of infiltration and mitigation of all levels and points of inaccessibility
2: Damage to plastic and plastic parts of the vehicle Unlike the traditional methods used for water, we use dry steam.
3: Eliminating unpleasant odors inside the car
4: Sweep up and clean areas where access is difficult
Washing the engine with water causes damage to electrical parts and system interruptions, but we use dry steam to protect your vehicle.

It should be noted that our services are currently only available in Mashhad.


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