Full Sleep Interpretation(Advanced)

Full Sleep Interpretation(Advanced)

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Full Sleep (Advanced)

Full and comprehensive dream interpretation program (advanced version):

🌟 Over 6000 Sleeping Title Titles !!

✨ Has more than 50,000 pages of dream interpretation !!!

🔍 Advanced and easy search capability in the general titles of sleep and dream interpretation

🔍 Ability to search in alphabetical order and comprehensive listings

🌙 The interpretation of the dream is based on the authenticity of the narrative:

Imam Ja'far Sadegh, Mohammad bin Syrin, Prophet Daniel, Ibrahim Kermani, Manouchehr Motie'i Tehrani, Yusuf, Leila Bright and Land of Dreams

⏱ Has interpreted sleep interpretation schedules

😱 Has a special section of prayers for the removal of bad sleep

📖 Comprehensive narrations about sleep

های Reliable and interesting tutorials on sleeping and sleep are extremely important

یک Eye-catching graphics

And ... General features that you should see and enjoy.

The scripting team has been trying to provide a complete and advanced, easy-to-use program for its contacts. Your satisfaction is our pride.

* The program is complete and comprehensive, but if you do not have the dream you want, you can declare the word in the contact us in the program to add it.

** Congratulations on your choice and awareness **

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