Management and  alarm call

Management and alarm call

Version 1.2
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Software smart alarm call and complete an application at this time is very smart. And a great contact management software is designed with stylish design and material design.
With this software no important calls or ordinary and necessary and to lose friends and colleagues.
The software has numerous features such as displaying alerts of missed calls, notifications, set the number of people you want in your contact phone automatically alert not alarm the disabled. Or after contact with you knows that you are normal or if you have a single ring.
Or set a custom message in the event of loss of contact with you after the call is sent automatically to them.
And many of the features and functionalities that this software gives you.

Some features of this software:
• Receiving Notification of missed calls and alert dialog stabilize so that you will never forget who you call.
• Get alerts for missed calls after 15 minutes to remind you that
• Snooze alarm time missed calls
• Adjust the number of people to make contact with your smart phone to silent mode and will not cause disturbance to Shmma.
• Send SMS to selected contacts in order to reject or missed calls.
• Enable or disable the warning dialog missed calls (this feature in the settings)
• Select the desired ringtone for a certain number of predetermined
• Show call within 12 or 24 hours
• Full details of missed calls removed to reconnect
• stylish design and user-friendly design and materials
And many special features and unique software ...

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