Roll and Smoke 3D (Virtual Prank)

Roll and Smoke 3D (Virtual Prank)

Version 1.6.3
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The most realistic virtual smoking simulator is back with many awesome features.
Features realistic 3D graphics, smooth animations, smoke physics and more.

Roll and Smoke 3D shows you step by step how to roll a virtual cigarette with a simple interface and realistic 3D graphics.
When you have your cigarette ready you can smoke it virtually.

- Ability to chose from Cigarette, Hand-Rolled Cigarette, Cigar and Tobacco Pipe.
- You can select different types of hand rolling tobacco and rolling paper
- You can even change the lighter or the ashtray
- Holding the device in flat position an ashtray will appear below to drop the ashes.
- The smoke reacts and moves based on the accelerometer orientation changes.
- When the cigarette ends you can drop it by simply tapping on it.

* Disclaimer *
The application is designed to entertain and does not take any health risk.
Remember that in some countries cigarette smoking is legal only for adults.

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