saha + new tools

saha + new tools

Version 3.0.1
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A completely different antivirus + Safe Browser

For you that is compatible with your phone virus? It is compatible with your phone? Kdvk do not know why we should install software? You want to do phone banking payments and feared Atlaattvn Le lamb? Or even for those of you who want to surf the web a safe have ...

- User Interface fully user-centric material

- Very high power very fast virus detection and removal of viruses

- Very high power to detect malware and spyware (identification, notification, deleting, etc.)

- Ability to multi-layer protection with very high power

- Scanning software during installation and rapid notification in the event of a malicious file

- Separate sections to scan individual files and programs Scams

- Very low volume application and optimal use of your mobile phone memory

- Secure browser "unique ability"

- Suitable for imine payments online;
- Prevent the theft of user information when using the Internet
- High speed browser
- Show Mizar traffic consumption in a secure browser

- High speed antivirus and strong performance

- Robust and easy customize settings

- Provide fast access to the software

- 24 full hours to fix potential problems

Suha softball difference exemplary for Iran

All the following functionality in one application is 3 megabytes !!!
Suha softball team developers compliance with international standards at the highest quality level has set out the best software applications put at your disposal Dear user.

All the software in all aspects such as (speed software, interface, power operation, small size, etc.) intended to you dear reader can easily complete all of the features of the software used.

The software is intended S·hasaft efforts to produce according to user needs tools that fully respond to the needs of the audience.

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