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After Bruce Lee's trip to Hong Kong and the lack of access to Yip's professor, he was thinking of creating a martial law. The idea of Jet Cunge was born in 1965 in the mind of Bruce Lee. The struggle with Van Jackman has had a dramatic impact on Bruce Lee's philosophy of struggle. While Bruce defeated his opponent in a terrible manner, he believed that the struggle was longer than usual and that he could not use Wing Chun techniques as expected, in addition he could no longer learn and complete Wing Chun's martial art, because he was far from his teacher.

He needed a system to grow as much as possible. As such, with the emphasis on "Applicability, Flexibility, Speed, and Efficiency", we are developing a new system. He began to use different educational methods: bodybuilding for increased strength, running to increase endurance, tensile training for flexibility, and many other ways that he was constantly adapting to his system.

Lee strongly emphasized what he called the "no-brainer" method. An idea that illustrates the liberation of formalism-traditional-style feelings. Bruce Lee felt that the system that he called "John Fan Wushu" (Bruce Lee's martial arts lessons) was limiting, and thus transformed it into what was described by the name of Jet-Kahn. The name he later regretted was that, since the name of Jaytkon II, certain features were taken that claims in every style, in turn, while the idea of martial arts deprived of any limiting factor.

In this program, Brusell's hands-on techniques that include therapies are taught. Tutorials are in the form of movies.

Jay Kando hand techniques are the strongest hand techniques that are performed by the touch of a hand-held technique, and the defense and attack system runs simultaneously.

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