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Do you think you can learn a language through music? Yes, no doubt. I think music is definitely one of the best tools for language learning. It doesn't matter what style of singer he/she is singing or it doesn't matter who he/she is singing. Any music that mixes with your emotions is definitely a useful learning tool. So I suggest this program for these reasons:

  • Music with app text
  • Ability to move / forward music and text together
  • Pause / Play button
  • Ability to repeat current music (even when you're out.)
  • ( Once for always ) Connect to the Internet only once. The next time you do not need to be connected to the internet for any music.
  • Ability to post comments to any music and view other users' comments
  • Play sound in the background
  • View system administrator messages
  • Ability to register name and city in the program
  • You can rate each song and see the average rating of all users.

We tried to bring you the best songs from the best singers. You can email me your suggestions to make the app better every day.

E-mail: brz2515@yahoo.com

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