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*SOHA (Mobile Phone Futures Trading System) is the first mobile trading application for the futures contracts available free by Iran Mercantile Exchange to the derivatives and capital market participants and other clients throughout the country.
*This application is open to the market participants during the trading hours of futures contracts in IME as follows:
• Saturday to Wednesday from 12 to 18 (Tehran Local Time, GMT+3.5)
• Thursday from 12 to 16 (Tehran Local Time, GMT+3.5)
*Key Features of the Application:
• Displaying trading board with automatic updates during the trading hours( auto refresh time customizable by the user)
• Displaying latest circulars and general announcements regarding futures contracts trading in IME
• Enjoying possibility of customizing alert messages for highest or lowest bid or ask prices for each trading symbol
• Displaying the name and contact details of the brokerage companies and traders who are licensed for futures trading in IME
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