Afghan Calendar

Afghan Calendar

نسخه ۱.۳
نصب فعال

The first and complete Afghan Calendar (Jalali) application for Android devices which represents dates in Afghan or Iranian. The application has many great features like: Afghanistan Calendar or Iran Calendar, Islamic Calendar or Georgian Calendar, List of events and national holidays, date converter, Widgets, Prayer times, pray alarm and many more.

One of the core feature of the application is to convert between dates: From Islamic to Gregorian, from Afghan date to Gregorian, from Afghan to Islamic and vice versa. We made this feature very easy to use and also considered its accuracy.

The application is in four languages: Pashto, Dari, Farsi and English. The phrases are correctly translated between languages to suit the needs of different speakers.

The users have also full control on the application by selecting the right options from the settings. The settings also have the list of Afghanistan provinces to select to have right prayer times. Users can also enter the GPS coordinates to have their exact location, and the application also have the ability to automatically fetch the right GPS coordinates using GPS device.

The another great feature is to select between two themes (styles): light and dark. The light theme carries green color and the dark carries the black color for overall application.

One of the application major focus is the Islamic functions and data. The event feature has the list of Islamic events for two years, current and last year. It also has the prayer times, prayer volume control and alarm. The application also shows the location of Makkah by using the compass feature. The compass feature only works with GPS functionality.

Widgets are also available to enable it for on-screen date. The widgets are easily configurable through settings to have selected calendar type and time.

- Internet to fetch times for prayers from servers.
- GPS / Location to select the right location for your device in order to have the prayer times and enable other features.
- Enable notifications

We are committed to update the application regularly, therefore, we appreciate feedbacks and ratings. Your feedback will help us to improve the application and add more interesting features. You can also share your thoughts through or visit our website for more information.

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