Repair Energy Saving Bulbs

Repair Energy Saving Bulbs

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With this app, you can energy-saving bulbs in homes and other buildings to purchase new or refurbished lamp bulb out and you do not need. Lamp repair cost compared to purchasing a new lamp is much smaller and more economical.

✅ this software in 13 steps below you familiar with the use of lamps:

- Phase I (separating the turtle hats of the transformer)

- Second phase (glass test tube)

- The third stage (test socket connection between the cap and trans)

- Stage IV (perceptions parts)

- The fifth stage (resistance test)

- Phase VI (test transistor)

- Step Seven (test diodes)

- Step Eight (test chemical capacitor)

- Step Nine (Test DIAC)

- Stage I (tested ceramic capacitor)

- Step Eleven (check fuse glass)

- The twelfth (Trans testing)

- Training Clips


✅ Also, you can learn step by step repair business energy-saving lamps also provide for yourself!

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