Tap Tap Cacti

Tap Tap Cacti

نسخه ۱.۱.۸
نصب فعال
۳۸ مگابایت

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Do you have any concerns or worries?
If you're angry, frustrated, or depressed, tell to cacti.
You feel better just by telling someone.
Cacti take care of your complicated mind and will keep your secret!

Thorns of cacti grow up when you fully understand your concerns.
It means your mind will be strong,
like a cactus that has produced thorns to protect itself from the weather and insects.
Grow thorns that protects you.

The sunny attic will always be open for you!

[Game Features]
- Expressing your feelings to the cacti
- Growing various cacti
- Make your own cacti garden
- Record your feelings and understand yourself every day
- A Walking puzzle with snail who cacti's friend
- Costume various snail shells