Recover photos,contacts and more

Recover photos,contacts and more

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It may have come to you that you have been removed from an unwanted corner or for various reasons from your phone and then regret it and look for a solution.

But whatever you're looking for, or the software is not compatible with your phone or your phone is not rooted.

With us and our solutions, we can say that we can give away 60 to 99 percent of our deleted information. Recovery in this software is not just for rooted phones, but there are some ways to untwisted handsets in this software.

In fact, most of the recovery software available in the market is foreign software, but we are here to introduce and learn step-by-step and video recovery of deleted information such as:


the movie




And .....

We will pay

The reasons for our excellence

Complete and step-by-step tutorials

There are some ways in which you do not need to be a router

Supports a wide range of formats

Save on purchases (this software is in fact the content of most marketable software)

Introducing powerful recovery software with dual search engine

Finally, learning how to recover mobile data from your mobile or computer

To better understand the recovery we suggest reading the following text.

Suppose you put a book into the trash can. Trash can be disposed of by recycling vehicles. In the recycling company, the book you have discarded is still available but not incomplete, if not recycled and not in recycled furnaces. Because the volume of the book or some of the pages of the book may be lost. This example is like the process that the operating system does with deleted files. It should be noted that deleted information may remain in memory for several years depending on the various factors, even if it is re-recorded with other information.

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