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Become a Star with AhangeTO!

Sing along With Your favorite artists and become a professional artist with "AhangeTO" application.

What is AhangeTO?!

"AhangeTO" is a karaoke app that uses advanced audio techniques to detect your voice pitch in real time with high precision, so that by practicing in "AhangeTO" and getting high scores you will sing like a professional singer.

AhangeTO: More Fun with your Friends

You can play "AhangeTO" with your friends and sing every part that you are more familiar with. Also, you can sing all together and have lots of fun by singing your favorite songs with your friends.

AhangeTO Features

in "AhangeTO" you can:

- Sing along with hottest and newest tracks from famous singers like Behnam Bani, Hamid Hirad, Macan Band, etc.

- Increase your skill in singing by listening close to singer and see performed notes and get more score for singing songs.

- All songs have lyrics and also when to sing each phrase. So you don't have to memorizing lyrics. Just be relaxed and sing with your heart :)

- Every song in "AhangeTO" has their own leaderboard. So you can see your score in comparison with other users and know the songs that you sing better than the others.

- Don't worry if you are not good in singing. Easy songs are identified and you can play them. If your are a professional singer there are very hard ones too. If you get high scores (5 stars) in songs with "Very Hard" tags, we suggest you to think about creating your own album ;)

AhangeTO: Iranian Karaoke App

Every new song in market is going to be playable in "AhangeTO" less than 48 hours. Also exciting features are going to be added in next updates.

So if you love music invite your friends to "AhangeTO" and get ready for bigger events.

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