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The app and the Reggae site are the place for free advertising and the need to buy and sell new and used goods.

Sell your goods wherever you are in Iran, or find the product you want to buy with the App Store.

You can use the Raja app to get and provide services and buy and sell goods in different categories like these:

To buy and sell goods and services, simply install the App Store from this page and find your goods and services easily among the sub-groups in Trump:

Vehicles: automobiles, motorcycles, accessories and parts

Properties: Rent, sell and buy houses, gardens and villas, apartments and land

Job Vacancy: Salesman, Hairdresser, Programmer, Nurse, Worker, Advertising & Marketing, Accountant

Services: Education, Hairdressing & Beauty, Building & Decoration

Home Appliances: Furniture & Decoration, Kitchen Accessories

Sports, Culture, Leisure: Travel Tours, Animals & Supplies, Arts & Crafts & Toys

Electronics: Laptop, camera and game console

Business: Industrial Machinery & Supplies, Office & Commercial Supplies

Mobile, Tablet and Accessories

Personal Supplies, Baby Supplies & Siemens

How easy it is to submit an ad, how?

Take a photo of your product. Take pictures of your products and enter the descriptions you need on the Ragea site in your desired categories. Buyers will then contact you when they see your ad. Easily ...

How do buyers find the ad they want?

Scroll down to the ads you are looking for, based on the descriptions and photos that sellers have placed for your products, find your ad, and contact the vendor for your ad information by phone, email, chat.

What app and website offer you:

Free shipping of your goods and products

Most different categories for your products

Ability to customize the ad and ladder it for further display and visibility of your ad

Continuous support throughout the week

Ease of use of the app and site

The most popular direct selling program for your products and goods in Iran in all Iranian provinces and famous cities (Karaj, Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, .....)

We always strive to improve and improve our services and facilities.

Suggestion or criticism about the app? Keep in touch with us through the following ways:

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Support Contact Number:






Install the link now and make your first deal!

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