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Pulse Health

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Health & Fitness

🎯 The application to introduce a variety of common diseases in the country as well as the causes, symptoms and treatment and prevention of which is provided in the following sections:

✅ eye diseases
✅ diseases of the ear, nose and throat
✅ oral diseases
✅ diabetes
✅ respiratory diseases
✅ cancer
✅ tuberculosis
✅ cardiovascular disease
✅ neurological diseases
✅ gastrointestinal disease
✅ rare diseases
✅ diseases, genetic disorders
✅ Crimean-Congo fever 

🌟 on the next version of the database upgrade these sectors may also be added to the newer part.

💥 your loved ones with the release of this application to your friends and family the gift of your way to stay healthy!

🌟 licensed 20128586 Number of Information Technology and Digital Media Development Centre, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

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