Loans and Savings Calculator

Loans and Savings Calculator

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Loan calculator is the application that will allow you to quickly and efficiently calculate savings, loans, mortgages, amortization tables. It is the only one that allows you to improve these calculations, giving you the possibility of adding extra charges as the insurance of loans, fertilizers to capital among other features.

With Loan calculator, you will know how much you will have to pay monthly if you want to take out a loan. In addition, allows you to calculate whether it is convenient or not to pay extra money to the loan. Better yet know how much money will be saved if you save 1,500 every week for 5 years, or the parameters of your choice.

Tired of other applications to tell you that your savings will be of an amount when at the end is another amount? With this application, you can specify the tax charged by the Bank on the interest generated allowing you this to make an exact calculation.

Main features

+++Loan calculator is easy to use. For the calculation of the single loan amount is necessary time and interest, after that we will make the calculation.

+++ Loan calculator, Calculate of amortization of loans table.

+++Loan calculator Registration charges extra as the life insurance, among other charges.

+++Do you have plans to make capital subscriptions? Register it easily and see the effect on the amortization table.

+++Loan calculator Export loans to PDF so you can print them. Now there are three formats to choose.

+++See a graph of your amortization table.

+++With frequent deposits savings calculator, these can be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, you decide.

+++Consideration of tax (ITBIS, VAT, etc.).

+++Save your calculations for future reference.

+++Option to share this application with your best friends.

+++Likes to customize applications, we have at your disposal six styles of home screen. Premium version.

Help us improve; leave us your comment or functionality you want.

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