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This game including popular games to strengthen memory and can play as exercises to strengthen your memory as many times as you want during the day.

This game has no age limit and is recommended for all ages, and a simple user interface is designed for all ages from children to adults.

Hope you enjoy.

Learning to play:

In this game application gives you 30 cards,that figure should also find cards,these cards are paired together,on the other hand of card by touching the card is shown and should see your memory card and keep the card in its place, if you see the same card to be able to find other similar cards.
If you touch two same card, receive 5 points if you choose the wrong one you will be deducted points. In the case of multiple correct choice have burst a few points are in addition to 5 points according to the number of previous consecutive correct choices take the prize.

Your high score will be saved in the app, so you can compare for yourself the next time.

Underneath are three buttons for you to put puzzles that their operations are as follows:

The first button from the left:
With this button, you can turn on or off the game sound.

The second button from the left:
With this button you can reset the puzzle to do the game again from the beginning.

The third button from the left:
This button will guide you to find the same cards, if you have selected a card, the same card will be displayed next, and choose a card if you have not any two identical cards will appear randomly.
Note: If you use this button 5 points on these cards will not be given to you.

Touch your phone's Back button to exit the game.

Good luck.

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