Promolante: Borrow & Buy Airtime, All Telco Offers

Promolante: Borrow & Buy Airtime, All Telco Offers

Version 2.0.4
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Promolante is the only app that allows you to borrow airtime and repay the same borrowed amount at a later date with no interest charges. You borrow Ghs2 airtime, you pay Ghs2.

The more you repay your borrowed airtime, the higher the airtime amount you can borrow.

When you want to repay, just tap a button and you will get a prompt to use your mobile money account to repay.

You can use the Promolante app to buy airtime for yourself and/or for others on the same network or other networks.

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Promolante is also Ghana's only telco assistant helping you save money on calls and data through the discovery of mobile network promotions and services.

Promolante saves you the trouble of knowing which promotions or services your telco is offering, which internet bundles are available on your network or other networks and which shortcode (USSD code) to use for activation or deactivation of a service.

Once you find these shortcodes (USSD codes), internet bundles or offers, you can easily activate them right in the app.

There is information for all networks in Ghana; MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo, Glo

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