Screen recorder / Voice recorder / Screen Video

Screen recorder / Voice recorder / Screen Video

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Screen recorder with sound is an awesome all kind of video and audio recording. You can record your mobile scree, video camera recorder, audio and all types. This is free and very essential app for your daily use. It can be used to record screen activities of android smart phones. You can record your screen videos, games, chats, video callings, movies, and many more. No internet required to record with videos.

Screen recorder with sound can used offline and you don’t need any internet to record good quality videos. It’s the most easy-to-use screen video recorder with audio that hundreds thousands people are using. With this screen recorder you can also able to give video training to anyone by making screen recording work with voice. This application is also a good platform to show anyone how to play any game complete missions, next stages by recording your your mobile screen videos during playing. Screen recorder and voice recorder also have camera recorder contains different features and let discuss all these feature for the better use.

Features of Screen recorder with sound – Voice recorder:

- Very easy to record your mobile full screen
- Screen recording floating button
- One tap start and stop screen capturing
- Video recording with good quality sound
- Separate Voice recorder
- Capture video by camera
- Explore videos in the custom gallery
- Great efficiency

This screen recorder has a high and good quality of screen recordings. Screen recording is available with sound or without sound. After capturing video, you can view and share in the video gallery which is custom design for our users. Beside of screen video capture you can also camera video recorder in this amazing app. Camera recorder records videos from your camera it accesses your camera and it has enabled both back and front camera. Just click and record video.

A spate voice recorder is added where you can record your clear audio. You can record your voices in normal and also it has feature to enable high quality recording. Voice recorder have tab for listen recorded voices. Everything is in your hands, just tap and enjoy this awesome screen recorder and voice recorder. It fulfill your all needs of video and audio recording.

Download this amazing and awesome all kind of video and audio recorder where you can capture your screen, videos from camera, audio in voice recorder and so many other features in FREE. Suggestions and queries regarding this Screen recorder with sound - Voice recorder and camera recorder will be highly appreciated and precious to us. So feel free to contact at support email and let us know your feedback. If you like then must share this screen recorder – voice recorder with your friends and family. Be happy!

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