BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker

BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker

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Looking for your healthy weight range?
Trying to lose weight or evaluate the success of your diet?
We have taken all the hassle out of calculating, assessing and monitoring your BMI so you will be able to identify when you’re in your ideal range and when you might need to take positive action towards achieving your goals, whether you are looking to lose or gain weight or maintain your current health & fitness.
With an easy to use layout and design this tracker can be the ultimate tool in achieving your goals to a healthier you, making your weight loss part of your daily routine.

What is a BMI Calculator?
BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it is a simple index of weight-for-height that is calculated based on relevant information on body weight, height, sex and age and is commonly used to classify underweight, overweight and obesity. Being overweight or underweight can carry risk factors for many medical conditions, reaching your ideal weight and maintaining it can reduce these risks giving you a better quality of life.
This calculator will provide highly accurate results taking the guess work out of the equation and ensuring you can always rely on your current assessment.
Weight and height can be assessed in either imperial or metric measurements so this app can be used by anyone regardless of which measurement units you use.
Stay motivated by tracking your daily weight and analyze your progress in the user history charts and statistics.
This calculator and fitness tracker can be used by anyone ages 18 or above to provide accurate BMI calculations to get you towards your weight loss goals and with our weekly / monthly reminder’s feature, where here to help keep you on track!

How to use:
1.Simply select a user or use the guest feature to be brought to the BMI assessment page.
2.Here you will be asked to enter your current weight using either metric or imperial measurements, if you are using the guest feature you will also need to input the users height. (After you have created a profile these will be saved for you.)
3.Once your details have been entered you can click “Check BMI” and your result will be displayed on screen and will be assessed using the World Health Organization’s (WHO) internationally accepted BMI classifications, providing you with detailed results on which group your height to weight ratio falls into and more details about what these results mean.
4.If you would like to keep track of your BMI or weight loss / gain save your results so you can check back on your progress later using our statistics and graphs, and don’t worry if you forget to log your progress regularly, with our scheduled reminder’s feature we’ve always got your back!

Enjoy the best BMI calculator and weight tracker. This application’s features include:
* Easy to use
* Body weight & BMI tracker
* Multiple Users supported
* Assists with weight loss / fitness goals
* Refreshing and user friendly UI
* Accurate results
* Both imperial and metric units supported
* Weekly / monthly reminders
* Available in 66 languages
* Small application size
* High quality graphics

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