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Everyone knows how useful Google is in finding information on the internet.

Not all people, however, realize how important Google can also be in checking grammar, idioms or common word combinations (collocation). In fact, Google can provide answers to virtually every question about the English language.

Imagine, for example, that someone wants to know whether she should write: " At the beginning of the book" or " In the beginning of the book". By searching these two phrases She can deduce that both expressions are possible but that at the beginning of the book is the safer choice.

Another usage of this applicatoin is to find the popularity of people, things etc. For example if the words " sun " and " moon " are compared we realize that -at the time of this writing- the word "sun" is by far more popular than the word "moon".

Think of what other interesting cases you could use this app for!

Descriptions adopted from [http://esl.fis.edu/learners/advice/google.htm]

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