English Conversation 4Speak

English Conversation 4Speak

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Do you want to speak English?
Do you need an app to practice speaking English?
Let "English Conversation 4Speak" help you.

The app has 4 categories:
● Beginner Conversation: this category for leaner begin with 10 topics: Small Talk, Complain, Feeling, Opinions, Daily Life, Shopping, News ... and over 200 conversations for practice English Speaking, English Listening, English Grammar and English Vocabulary.

● Business Conversation: have 10 topics use for communication everyday like Business, Company, Offlice, ... many audios and transcript to Reading and Learning.

● Courses Conversation: also have 10 topics talk about Family, Trips, Eating, School, Sport, Music ... It's really helpful for anyone want to learning English speaking.

● Everyday Conversation: with many conversation was used everyday, contain 18 topics such as: Communication, Eating, FASHION, Food, Heath, Frend, Shopping, Money, Memory, Housing, Life ... and over 1000 audios for each topic.

App easy to use and simple for practice speaking english. It's really good for English learner improve skill English listening and English speaking.

● Main features:
- Listen audio on each lesson to improve English listening.
- Practice by speaking conversation to have confidence and improve English speaking.
- Record your voice when speaking and listen again anytime.
- Learn English Vocabulary through 2000 words popular for English speaking.
- Learn Idioms and Phrases.
- You can download audio to listen offline.
- Support offline.
- Bookmark lessons.
- Learn new word through Video library.
- Listen radio online to practice english listening.
- Do english test with many level A,B,C, TOEFL ...

The ultimate learner's resource of the English language for use anywhere, anytime.

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