Fruits Link

Fruits Link

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Fruits Link is a very addictive connect lines puzzle game. Crush around hundreds of uniquely challenging levels in this amazing fruits link adventure.

This is the best and addictive match-three game.

Connect and Make juicy lines of 3 or more delicious fruits. Explore around hundreds of unique perplexing levels in this amazing puzzle game of Juicy fruits.

How to play Fruit Link :

Connect three or more same fruits link to score more .
Archive the target score to level up.
Eliminate the more fruits quickly can get extra points .

Fruits Link features :

- More than 600 challenging levels & many game props
- The Fire props can eliminate fruits in one row.
- The Row eliminator can eliminate the fruits in a row
- The Ice props can unfreeze the frozen fruits.
- Sweet and delicious gameplay & cool animation effects.
- Play the game and Have Fun!!!
- Smooth graphics
- FREE to play game

Finish different goals to pass the level, such as breaking ice cubes, unlock fruits,fruit bomb … You will find this game is so addicting. New fruits, new items, new elements, new excitement and many more in Fruits Link, so just download and Connect 3 or more same fruits to clear them. Match more to win fruits link adventure !

Download Fruit Link today and make juicy lines for perfect juice blast

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