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***** Be sure to read the text *****
Before you buy program , see "Bourse Learning":
Ones that already "Learning Exchange" not need to buy this program.

It only includes technical education program of "Bourse Learning". And half price for enthusiasts who require only technical training is provided.

+++ Technical Education stock exchange
- Technical analysis is an examination of past price action and charts to help predict future market direction. We stock the widest range of technical training along with complete program information, along with numerous examples of technical analysis stock.
- General headings: teaching basic concepts of technical analysis, charts, software, support and resistance levels, trend lines, channels, Pivot, the Fibonacci, candlestick charts, indicators and Oscillators, divergence, classical and harmonic patterns, forks and Elliott waves can make each topic individually with practical examples and complete learn. All individual tools with their details and application forms are taught, for example.
- Any of the topics mentioned above is the following series. For example: the harmonic AB = CD pattern and Gartley and Butterfly and Crab includes etc..

+++ Settings
- Set the program font.
- Set the articles font and educational materials
- Determine the number of received news
- Control and notation articles
- Ability to reform display for old Android Mobiles


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