Personal Diary with password

Personal Diary with password

نسخه ۱.۱۰
نصب فعال

If you do not want to loss your sweet memories that you spend in your life and want to secure them with lock.This will help you to hide then and protect with multiple lock.

Key Features->

KeyFeatures :
★ You can add ,delete and edit note according to your choice.You can also see them on calendar and list also.
★ Multiple backgrounds that you will love to use to write your private notes and make your diary better and beautiful.
★ There is a painting option in dairy to make your note more effective and memorable.
★ You can add picture and music with each note.
★ There is list option to show all note at one place and you can share them with your friends also.
★ You can write as much as you can write.There is no limit of writing.
★ Backup and restore option available.
★ There multiple type of lock available in diary to protect your memories.
★ More attractive fonts and backgrounds to use in diary.
★ Emoji available to make your note more memorable.

This diary have all features to protect your memories and secure them with multiple lock.
If you have any suggestion please mail us.

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