Ring duration

Ring duration

Version r2.6C
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Do you ever get missed calls and wonder if they were important or just "hang up calls"? ;((((

RingDuration is an Android app that shows you exactly how long your phone was ringing, for incoming and missed calls. This works even with hidden and unknown callers!

For example, some people tend to call you and hang up without giving you a chance to answer, now you can catch them in the act! Or consider an unusually long ring time could mean an urgent call you missed. :))))

Also features a handy taskbar notification to quickly show you the latest calls, right from the notification window.

Tip: tell friends and family they can let you know a call is important by simply ringing longer, because you have RingDuration.

We know you'll enjoy using RingDuration because we use it as part of our own lives every day.

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