Best Gunner

Best Gunner

نسخه ۱.۸.۰
نصب فعال

You can shoot down and smash the target of the desktop in the game, keep earning diamonds and unlock more cool cannons.

Would you like to get out of the tedious work or life, and release the pressure?

You can try Best Gunner and arbitrarily destroy all the boxes in the game. The player shoots down and smashes the target on the table in the game to get the clearance! Easily get a boatload of diamonds, unlock new scenes and cannons, unlock powerful skills such as missiles, shotguns, thunderbolts, black holes, etc.

- More than 200 types of levels;
- More than 14 types of cannons in different shapes;
- 4 special bullets with different effects;
- 11 beautiful scenes;

You can also get a chance to get 5 times the diamond reward, do not miss it. Come on and take a try.

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