Penguin Escape
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Penguin Escape

Mr. Pegling the penguin is endangered and on the run. Help the cute penguin to run and catch tasty fish. Mr. Pegling the penguin must avoid obstacles while he is running. The global warming is coming and the winters in Antarctica are getting shorter. In Penguin Escape Mr. Pegling must jump and run or to duck. Penguin Escape is fun and easy to play, try it out! 🐧❄

A fun, endless running game

In Penguin Escape Mr. Pegling the penguin tries to catch fish while he is running through Antarctica to survive in this icy landscape.


Many dangers and obstacles are in the way of Mr. Pegling. Antarctica contains many threads for him. In Penguin Escape he has to jump and run or duck and run to avoid obstacles. You have two keys to tell Mr. Pegling how to avoid the obstacles while he tries to run:

  • jump

  • duck (cringe)

In Penguin Escape the penguin is stopped by big snowballs, giant icy spikes or other dangerous obstacles. Sometimes he has to duck underneath a small glacier to catch tasty fish. Surviving in Antarctica is not so easy … the penguin needs your help to escape all threads! The following dangers and obstacles stopping his run:

  • giant snowballs

  • small glaciers and mountains

  • falling spikes made of ice

  • other dangerous obstacles

You can earn fish points by helping Mr. Pegling the penguin to catch fish. Improve your personal highscore in Penguin Escape and try to let Mr. Pegling run as long as possible and catch as many fish as possible.

Summary of this endless running game:

  • Penguin Escape is easy to use!

    • Mr. Pegling tries to run

    • Help him jump and run or duck

  • The endless level contains many obstacles!

  • Save your points in the highscore list

  • Endless game and endless difficulty!

    • A real penguin never stops running!

    • It becomes more difficult to catch fish

    • There are more and more obstacles

  • A simple and funny game! :)

Help Mr. Pegling the penguin to run!

Start right now and play Penguin Escape and help Mr. Pegling the penguin to run through Antarctica. Tell him when to jump and run or duck to catch fish or avoid obstacles.

Enjoy Penguin Escape!

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