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Since entering the new arena for the propagation of religion is one of the requirements with regard to the recognition of the intellectual needs of a human being is a Muslim inmate Software enshrine lost with the aim to promote knowledge and the support of No. 12 fatemi by Eoffice Siraj production and is available to enthusiasts.

The software that allows a brief acquaintance with the Prophet (PBUH) provides include the following parts.

    If Fatemiyeh Rehabilitation (commentary on Mubarak's efforts to revive the leader in Fatemiyeh)
    Lost shrine (brief description of the life, character, and the response to doubts about the Prophet (PBUH) there)
    M. (Forty Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH))
    Yet Jasmine (Forty Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH))
    The words of Imam Khomeini, the Prophet (PBUH)
    Fatemiyeh Reviver words of the Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Hfzh) of the Prophet (PBUH)
    A sad verse (Bank Lyrics)

The software has the ability to search, share and is copied.

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