Color Match

Category Puzzle
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Size 9.4 MB


Tired of matching 2048 numbers? Try matching some colors!

Color Match is the most addicting color matching game, based on the popular 2048 numbers game.

Like in the original game, just swipe the screen to move the colored tiles. When two of them touch, they mix into the next color. You can see the color range above the board, along with your highest found color. Using strategic moves, you will survive long enough to reach the deep green color. If you're ambitious, you can retry an unlimited times until you do so.

Tip: try to flood the board corners with the same color. Don't let isolated tiles near the puzzle walls - it will be impossible to mix them later.

Your progress is saved across sessions, so you can resume from your last snapshot.

Simple at first, but immensely fun after you get the hang of it!

I value your feedback, so drop me an email anytime, at


Remove Ads
Confirmation before starting a new game
Replaced easy, medium, hard with 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 descriptions
Last game score & high score now visible on Game Over screen
Loading progress
Stability fixes


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