Hiker- Compass & Speedometer

Hiker- Compass & Speedometer

Version 3.0.3
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The present program represents information about the speed (speedometer) , traveled distance, altitude and etc. in addition it has a compass. 


Speed: Speed in this app, you can see instantly or the average. The most speed will be registered in the fastest field. 

Height: You can view the altitude (height above sea level). 

Accuracy: In this section you can see the amount of accuracy. This program takes the information from GPS, so it is not accurate. 

Geographical coordinates: You can view your latitude and longitude location check. 

Satellites: You can see the number of available satellites plus the number of connected ones. 

Distance: The distance traveled by you. 

Units: You can get above parameters in different units (meter, foot, mile, and kilometer). 

Compass: To use the compass please select your device calibrated (to calibrate act as shown in guideline on the program) and the device should be placed horizontally and keep away from magnet. 

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