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InstaSaver - Download from Instagram

You can download and save all photos and videos on the Instagram social network using the Insta downloader program. You can also download and view photos in original size and quality.

🔴🔴🔴 Note: Posts that do not have copy shareURL options are for private pages and you can not download them and you can take screenshots.

InstaSaver Features:

  • Download Instagram Photos and Videos

  • Ability to automatically download posts

  • Beautiful interface

  • Fast and compact

  • And ...

✅ Training 1:

Downloading images and videos with the Insta Downloader program: At the moment you log in to the Auto Downloader program, you can log in to the Instagram, and after selecting the photo or video you want, go to the top of the page and then click Copy Share URL to get it. Post to be downloaded automatically

✅ Teaching 2:

After entering the Copy Share URL, enter the program and place the stored address in the box - for example, if you have copied the URL of the photo, paste it into the Instagram file address section.

🛅 This app is as small as possible and has a beautiful user interface that is provided by the Instagram to download images and videos and is at your disposal for loved ones. If a photo or video was not downloaded, it's not a problem with the program, and it's not downloaded by Instagram's smart filtering.

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