EURik: Euro coins

EURik: Euro coins

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EURik - is the only app for collectors of euro coins, with flexible collection setup! Now new/old maps of reverses are supported too!
Are you a basic collector and are not going to collect all German mints, or do you only collect main series of regular issues, or are you advanced and collect all issues of coins and would like to note the quality, quantity and price of each coin? Then this program is for YOU! EURik will easily adjust to your needs!


FLEXIBLE COLLECTION SETUP: Adjust the display of commemorative coins and all series of regular coins for each country separately;
★ Collect regular coins with new/old maps;
★ Collect regular issues by series or by years;
★ Full support of German mints (for commemorative coins, as well as for regular coins);
★ Enter the quantity, quality and price of each coin;
★ Collect only circulation coins (mere collector coins can be hidden);
★ Display future releases of commemorative coins;
★ Shows the number of collected/total coins in country, year and value lists;
Overall statistics, as well as statistics by countries, years and values;
Sort lists by countries, years and values;
Save your collection to DROPBOX and restore it from there;
Save your collection to SD and restore it from there;
EXPORT your collection to XLS format (MS Excel);
Install EURik on SD;
Overview tables of all collected regular and commemorative coins.

Supported languages:
★ English;
★ Spanish;
★ Italian;
★ Russian;
★ French;
★ Portuguese;
★ German.

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