Sonjoo - Escape

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Version 1.2.6
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Sonjoo is a boy, playful, naughty, stomachs and a little bit of all residents of the neighborhood bullies, have revolted from his mischief. Glass vase and the neighboring municipality of shooting the ball and he showed healthy in front home and every time one to complain.
Sonjoo is permanently lost father because of complaints from neighbors escape, where Apple put in whatever way it wants to have access to the same time escape the mess you make these father and more angry he now we have to help him all apples Total ticks and jump over obstacles and walls a time to eat does not hit the ground.


Developer website:


ورژن ۱.۲.۶

• رفع مشکل اختلال وصل شدن به لیدربورد تلگرام

• بهبود رابط کاربری


ورژن ۱.۲.۵

• بهبود عملکرد جدول رده بندی

• اضافه شدن سیب مجانی در ازای نظر دادن


ورژن ۱.۲.۴

• اضافه شدن تبلیغات جایزه ای در منو


ورژن ۱.۲.۳

• بهبود عملکرد جدول رده بندی (خیلی راحت با تلگرام ثبت نام کنید)

• رفع مشکل مرحله ۷


  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • modify/delete SD card contents
  • view network connections
  • full Internet access
  • payment through Bazaar

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