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badalkar Driving

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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

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In this section, choose your car, and you change the color, Asprtsh, and finally into the wash process ....


Three (16 steps) exciting at your disposal


With Iranian car over obstacles and earn scores locations simulated scroll, and go to the garage next stuntman.

Mining station:

-In the section of mine, you're mine workers and passengers of the bus driver with his skill, from the bridge, it can be slippery that every fall, to pass and get points.

Place this stage in the mountains and the quarry and ore must get to the station and ....

Wall of Death:

Total wall. And the next step.




The main features of the game:

- Three interesting and different environments, and any environment significantly different stages

- Natural sound

- Lighting new generation

- Choose car garage

- Free and unlimited driving

- Ability to switch between 4 camera

- Exciting gameplay from the first person view


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Rejoice in the hope of God

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