Hero of Eternity

Category Strategy
Active Installs 1,000+
Size 65.7 MB
Version 1.071
Offers IAP purchases


Heroes of Eternity is a multiplayer real-time strategy game with RPG elements, set in a medieval fantasy world of great graphics and fascinating gameplay.
Heroes of Eternity is a unique mix of turn-based and real-time strategy. The game also has RPG and MOBA mechanics. The bend of the best strategy and RPG mechanics draws you in to a world that can entrance you. Fans of Dota and classic RPGs are sure to like Heroes of Eternity.

- Construction in the classical strategy style
- Build gold mines, laboratories, and factories
- Upgrade your structures and develop an impenetrable fortress

- Battle real players on the world map
- Use strategy to place forces that will defend your fortress
- Fight your way to the top at special arenas and in the challenge tower
- Attack fortresses, defeat real players in the style of popular strategy

- Use magic cards to power up your warriors in RPG style
- A huge number of cards, from normal to legendary
- Every hero card is unique and has its own stas and strategic use

- Create and lead new clans or join existing ones
- Battle in PvP strategy fights solo or as a member of a clan with thousands of players from around the world
- Talk to your clanmates with the chat feature to plan your next attack or quest
- Send troops and resources to help your clan or specific clan members
- Ask for cards, units, and resources from your clan

- Complete main quests that will help you increase your level
- Complete daily quests to get valuable bonuses
- Take on weekly quests to get extra big prizes
- Conquer clan quests with teamwork and get even more bonuses

- Online real-time strategy with friends
- Adventure mode allows your to see 3D battles in real-time and train your tactical skills 
- A classical strategy with construction and building development

- Global player rating
- Local top players
- Top clan players

- Blend of idle progression + RTS + online warfare
- A new kind of strategy game
- You can battle friends online on the kingdom map
- A massive clan war with users from around the world in real time
- Huge MMO raid battles with valiant comrades
- Numerous card collections


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  • Permissions

    • modify/delete SD card contents
    • com.teslagames.HOE.permission.C2D_MESSAGE
    • prevent device from sleeping
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    • payment through Bazaar
    • full Internet access