Origami education, paper training

Origami education, paper training

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In recent years, the art of origami has become a symbol of environmental attention using recycled paper.
Origami (Japanese: 折 り 紙) or "Art of Paper and Up" is one of the most popular Japanese crafts that today has many fans around the world.

The purpose of this art is to create interesting designs of paper with the help of geometric tweaks. The literal meaning of the word in the Japanese language is "up to the paper" and includes all the paper and up-and-coming models, even those that are not Japanese. Origami uses only a small number of different variants, but these can be combined in a variety of ways to create different designs.

In general, these designs begin with a square-shaped sheet of paper, each of which may be of a different color and can be continued without cutting the paper.

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