Muharram poem, Muharram textbook

Muharram poem, Muharram textbook

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Muharram poetry software, Muharram's eulogy's text is a feature that for each of the first nights of the first decade of the month, Muharram has a unique poetry of the same night.
In this application, the poems of the month of Muharram and the lyrics of the first decade of Muharram and Arbaeen have been segregated.

The poems of the testimony of the Prophet

The table was full of hearts, the smell of God has come

Koufa is not with you, Hossein, and no contract

The reputation of respect for their speeches

When they were going, the world was crying

When the city looks full of stones

My tears were bloody and I did not know the sweetheart, God

To Kufa Mia that is complex

Those who give allegiance to the letter

Caravan entrance to Karbala

The caravan is momentarily near

Zaynab Kobry is still happy with her

Karbala know the Tigris soon

The caravan of the gods of God

There is no breath in this place

Come on and my black night

Not my head but my hair is still

Do you want to make my cup dry?

With sadness I got along at age three

I am and my god, and my father, and my father

You went with my soul sorrow in this way

No annoyance in this clutch of anyone

Al-Salam Aliq or Atishan

Fourth night of Muharram, the testimony of two infants of Zainab

Poems of the fifth night of Muharram Abdullah bin Al Hassan

My breath was imprisoned from what I saw

O my birthday on the cheesecake of my brother

More like a mojtaba

They wanted to blame the angels

It was familiar with that familiar voice

You do not differ in God with your son

The armor did not measure, then gave it a shield

I'm dear to you, dear, dear

The seventh night of Muharram, the testimony of Imam Ali Asghar

Do not bite your lips

When your little lips did not answer

Mounted on the Pyramid of the Great

You were going to be astonished at your mother, uh

On the chest that has no effect

On the chest that has no effect

Went in all the cages on you

What is the use of Lala for not sleeping ?!

Eighth night Muharram testimony of Ali Akbar

Goodbye will take the holy shrine

Sunshine is the pride of Eilat

The death of a worried eye is not worse

I get my hand but my voice is not coming

Say you can still be left for you

Sometimes everyone gets around the boy

How does he not read a woman because he was alone?

The blink of my eyes fell from the eyes of the spears

A flower that was tested on Hasan's lawn

The poems of the night of Tasooa, the Prophet of Abolfazl al-Abbas

Delhi had a wide width of throne

Delhi had a wide width of throne

The shameful water of Lybat Abbas

Eating the land and the reputation of the defeat

I provided water when I was

On the horse of the rebellion, the saddle waves

The sky has a glow if it is

Cute, this sweetheart has a nice face

All my frustration is the backyard

As his name sank over me

No matter how hard you are, Hossein's work is harder

On this broken back mountain is sad

Me and the tears and Alamdari that do not come out anymore

A few skies over clouds

Tell me, do you know what you are doing?

I got salt to the water and flowers

Last night let me open my fill

Zeinab has come to you brother


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