Fourth Sole Quran Text translation

Fourth Sole Quran Text translation

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Fourth, the four surahs of the highest praise of the Holy Qur'an have been the source of many recommendations.
1- Kafron: What is obtained from this Mahali's Sura is that Muslims should not compromise on the basis of religion and Islam in any circumstances.
2- Reflection: This Sura is also a (that is, in the city of Mecca revealed to the Prophet of God), the contents of this chapter are the teachings that God has given to the Prophet of Islam in a particular way and to other Muslims in general, in the context of refuge in his purified essence of evil Everyone makes a mistake.
3. Sincerity (Quran of Huallah): Surah al-Maqqī, in which he speaks of the monotheism of the Lord and his uniqueness, and in four short verses, has described such a unification of God that there is no need for additional explanation.
4- Nas: In this great chapter of the Qur'an, Allah blesses his Prophet as a ruler and leader, who took refuge in God for all the temptations.

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