Pray the wound and charm wound

Pray the wound and charm wound

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Do you believe in the force that some people have in the eye?

In this program, you will learn from the viewpoints of narrations and all sorts of effects and traditions mentioned in the eye of the wound in terms of the Qur'an, Islam, wisdom and science.

Is the eye sore right?

What is the scarring eye?

Imam Jawad Imam's Prayer (AS)

A prayer for avoiding the wounds of others

Wound healing methods

Eye Wrinkle Remedies

Way to prevent scars!

How can we protect ourselves from the sight of others ?!

Commands to get rid of magic

Evil is silence or reality

Ways to save magic!

Facts about the scarred eye from the perspective of Imam Reza

Scarred eye in the Qur'an and traditions

The terrible facts of the scarring eye

Wound healing

The scars of the eye

Wounds for removing eye

Scarred eye in the Qur'an

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