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Cakesandhomemade cookies+Tutorials

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We have been collecting cookies and delicious sweets in this collection that you can use in all seasons and for special occasions.

With this app, learn the most delicious cakes and desserts, and enjoy the cake and sweets for your kids, friends, or kids.

Cupcake with orange cream
Pomegranate Cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcakes
Our cupcakes are ours
Pumpkin Mafia
Carrot Carrot Cake
Lime Cake Cupcakes
Strawberry cake stuff
date cake
Bakugan Mafina
Bread with cheese and rosemary
fish cake
Ice Cream Cake Burger
Colorful cake with natural colors
Watermelon model cake
Rainbow Cakes
Horse-shaped cake
A cup of sunflower cake
The best cookie cookie
Chickpea cookies
Austrian Sweets
Delicious sweets
Braun Orange and Almond
Simple Sugar Sheets
Chocolate donuts
Fried Italian Donuts
Danish sweets
Pie Pie
Striped cake
Tongue and Bibs
Zoolbia and okra
Elephant ears
Traditional Baklava Bakery
Blossom with cream
Strawberry Surprise Cake
Rose with Chocolate Paste
Tree cake
Wooden cake cats
Denture Cake Models
Cake in the form of a basket
Chocolate Cake
Boys birthday cakes
Baby birthday cakes
Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake
Various animal cakes
Types of colored Traphil
Curious and scary cakes
Stylish birthday cake
Caramel Pear Cake
Citrus cake
Cherry Cherry Cake
Apricot cake
Coconut Chocolate Cakes
Walnuts and Lentils
Pizza Cake
Dried fruit cakes
Lemon Cake with Pepper Eggs
Classic Fruit Cake
Hazelnut cake
Baklava cake
Moca pudding cake
Sesame cake
Brave mafine with vanilla cream
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Rainbow Cakes
Cranberry Cake Cupcakes

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