Types sunshine and soup education

Types sunshine and soup education

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Food & Drink

This program introduces you to a list of delicious Persian and Persian tales, each of which belongs to one part of our country, along with the training of baking with photos;

You can use these at various occasions like:

Happy Ramadan - Farewell - Backstage - Families and ......... Make fun!

It also offers a unique menu of soups that you do not need from any site or program.

Tomato soup
Almond Corn Soup
Chicken and lemon soup
Barberry Soup
Bacala Soup
Chicken Soup
Spinach soup
Pumpkin Soup
Onion Soup
Cereal soup
Milk soup with vegetables
Eggplant soup
Green zucchini soup with onions
Lilac soup
Fermi pasta soup
Bilal soup
Lentil Soup and Pasta
Cream mushroom soup
Garlic soup
Russian Cut Soup
Cabbage soup and Carrot
Rice soup
Apple and broccoli soup
Creamy mushroom soup
Tomato soup
Mushroom and Carrot Soup
Beans and potatoes
Vermicelli Soup
Lilac soup
Potato soup
Chicken Soup and Vegetables
Barley Soup with Milk Sauce
Barley and Mushroom Soup
Garlic soup
vegetable soup
White soup with milk
Torkhine Soup (Turkey)
Chicken Soup
Barley and Mushroom Soup
Fast vermicelli string soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Russian Cut Soup
Leek Soup
White soup
How to make barley soup
chicken soup

"Noodle soup"
"Red Plum Sauce"
"Ash Eggplant"
"Our love is Tabrizi"
"Ash Abbasali"
"Ash Dam"
"Kui Ash Gilani"
"Asp pepper"
"Spinach and Pea"
"Ash Majag (Hamedan)"
"Sour Barber"
"Sushi Ash"
Mashhadi Shale
"Celery and Walnut"
"Melting pot"
"Wheat flour"
"Sour Pumpkin"
Green Tomatoes
"Gellan's Ashes"
"Ash Ghorra"
"Three Days of Garlic (Local Food of Kurdistan)"
"Ash Kalam Tabriz Branch"
"Shishab, the local festivity of Qom"
"Germinated beans"
"Sweet pea"

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