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Dear children

Girl and boy flowers

Let's go to the zoo and learn to keep the animals. Beautiful giraffes, small lumors, jungle sharks and angry tigers, and so on. Each small yard has different animals. Go to the yard and find the animals you love.

Game features:

First enter the garden and give the golden monkeys a cheese, but avoid breaking the branches. Then bring the sheep to the bathroom and clean their wool. Do not forget to dress beautifully to help the giraffe treat her spots on her body.

2. Enter the second zoo, create a powerful home for the homeless owl and decorate it beautifully. Then we have to choose a beautiful figure to help the peacock. Do not forget to help eagle babies, exercise, and food. Help him eat six birds for strength and growth.

3. Enter the third zoo to clean the flies around the lions house. Then clean the tiger's teeth, remove the loose teeth and adjust them with strong teeth.

4. Enter the fourth zoo. Then prepare a meal for giant pandas. Fresh bamboo and bamboo cake for the panda.

5. Enter the fifth house and feed the bears and penguins at the appointed time.

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