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The first dedicated app for teens. Our goal is to provide counseling on sexual issues, teaching the rules, teaching medical issues, helping teens to quit masturbating, sodomy, adultery, masturbation, and avoiding sin.

As a teenager, you must have a general question in your mind that you are looking for answers to, and sometimes you are embarrassed to raise these issues even with your parents.

We help you find yourself during puberty, and get rid of embarrassment and fear and enter the job market and earn money.

All parents wish to communicate with an experienced full-time counselor in their child's behavioral problems and seek solutions.

This program includes the following sections:

Free counseling for parents and children and adolescents

Sex education

Learning the Shari'a rules of lust

Teaching medical issues and sexual health

Practical solutions to quit masturbating

Ways to avoid sin and get closer to God

Maternal, child and parenting counseling

Adolescence and puberty counseling

Marriage and marriage counseling

Anxiety counseling, depression and individual problems

Career and academic counseling

Addiction counseling

Games and entertainment for teenagers

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