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niyazeh; Intelligent online ordering service and store

niyazeh is a strong platform in the market for services and goods, due to the high capacity of services in Iran and the shortcomings in providing the appropriate services in this sector, in addition to covering defects, quality services according to customer needs To offer.

Also, the lack of a specialized store in the field of services in the country, which users have to suffer a lot to supply their equipment, has led to the establishment of a specialized and functional store of the best brands in the market, than to solve this Problem.

Nowadays, niyazeh is working 24 hours a day on all days of the week for the service sector in Tehran and for the department store in all cities of Iran.

Service and shop branches niyazeh:

  • Cleaning and washing

  • Installations and plumbing

  • Electricity and Electronics

  • Reconstruction and construction

  • Car

  • Pets

  • Health and beauty care

  • Computer and mobile

  • Education & Business

Why niyazeh ?

  • The niyazeh includes many features and benefits that you are recommended to install and use for the following reasons:

  • The high speed of the application and the use of software is very easy and different

  • The first integrated service-store of the country

  • The first and only immediate price system in the country

  • Transparency of service prices

  • The first system coordinator of the service sector with the sales department for companies

  • Professionals and educators

  • Assistant with support and care for users

  • Professional Support 24 Hours

  • Warranty of services and goods

  • Applied Store

  • Fastest postal delivery in the department store

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Support: +98 88318253

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