504 Essential words (Full + coding)

504 Essential words (Full + coding)

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504 Essential English words only in 4 hours !! Comprehensive full version.

With innovative innovative audio coding and outstanding professional features

✅ With license and registration number: 20129821 Baccalaureate Digital Media Center

🏆 Become a provincial nominee and candidate for the country's national festival of growth in 1396

🕦 The result of more than one year's efforts is the ability of the developers to develop and develop.

With some features this unique app:

😱 Learn and memorize the super-fast English vocabulary with a new innovative audio coding solution in just 4 hours !! Without forgetting!

📣 Each word has: audio pronunciations, written pronunciations, companion English definitions, examples, video coding, audio coding and text encoding.

📖 Each lesson has text and story (reading) for full mastery of words

✔️ Exam from all the courses along with analyzing scores and progress charts

📱 Equipped with a professional Widget (Widget) to browse words without having to enter the program

✚ Very nice, attractive and attractive graphics with a variety of skins and colors

🔍 Ability to search all words

⭐️ equipped with read and tagged sections with professional users

💡 Equipped with step-by-step guide for full use of all features of the program

⚒ Optimization of all images and sound of the program in the size of 22 MB

📦 Ability to download online or offline lessons in the course (get one lesson or download and install the full offline version)

☎️ With 24/7 support, we are ready to fix any possible problems for users at the fastest time

The program has been produced and published during 14 months under the supervision of the Noble team. Please keep in touch with the communication support channel of the program and inform us directly of our feedback to improve the program. We have special surprises for those who relate directly to us and their opinions. Trust in God with your support Dear users, We will publish 1,100 words and TOEFL words in the near future. God willing.

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